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How to Turn an Event Poster into a T-shirt That Sells

It’s no secret that live events had a bad year in 2017. Particularly local events where food is a significant draw, which accounts for 50% of the attendance at Chomp & Stomp. The Cabbagetown Initiative Communal Development Corporation, a non-profit organization in charge of maintaining public communal spaces in Atlanta’s Cabbagetown neighborhood, has raised all of its money through a bluegrass festival with a chili cook-off.

The 5k walk/run was a significant source of festival income as well. Another thing was extinguished by a global epidemic that happened just once in a lifetime.

Judges of the competition, helpers, runners, and spectators must all have shirts. To make up for lost time, the event planners went all out this year. where to buy corteiz

With a lot on the queue, the organizers choose Ub erPrints to print several customized shirts in bulk. For all events, 405 shirts were required, thus the organizers

Events like no other call for designs like no other\

The event design was created in collaboration with graphic artist Gary O’Bryan and was initially intended to be printed on posters to promote the event across Atlanta. nav vlone

Without including the 5K runners, more than 10,000 individuals attend Chomp & Stomp in a year without a pandemic. A small neighborhood non-profit can organize a big event, but they need plenty of help to get everything done. vlones

The success of the preceding year is used to support the event each year, therefore 2021 had a limited budget. By changing the initial design, Gary and the event coordinators collaborated with UberPrints to keep the cost of the shirts low. vlone t shirts


By changing the order, 5 colors from the shirt were dropped, saving the company about $420.

Gary, who was already making wise decisions, added another amazing design decision by including the color of the t-shirt as a third color. nba youngboy vlone

Spend more time researching than you do designing

A blank page is a writer’s worst nightmare, they claim. In the same way, it’s difficult to create personalized t-shirts even if you have a clear vision of what they should look like. You may advance the design process by understanding what you like and where you want to go by gathering inspiration photographs from t-shirts you like (or already own).

Gary suggests that you draw, doodle, and look at other t-shirts to gain ideas. Afterward, you may start creating knowing exactly what you want. It will be simpler to achieve your vision if you give it more thought before designing the final shirt. more so with resources like our Design Studio corteiz clothing

Pick a palette

Create a colour scheme to work with first. Start with the three primary colours if the poster contains them. vlone

Gary selected his colour scheme before beginning his design: green, orange, and cream. Gary simply prefers the look of dark hues. He provided the Chomp & Stomp team with alternatives for brown, dark blue, and black colours with his final design, but they ultimately chose his first choice: olive green. asap bari

Choose one colour for the main of the shirt design, a second colour for the accent, and your t-shirt colour as your third colour if you need to keep your colour count down to save money. The next step is to choose your elements once you’ve decided on the number of colours you want in your design.

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