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On the Move: Crafting SaaS Videos for Efficient Transportation Solution

The transportation and logistics industries have undergone a transformation fast. Today, many of the transportation companies rely on SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions that SaaS brands offer. However, SaaS companies need to promote their software-as-a-service transportation solutions to transportation and logistics companies wisely to stand out. SaaS video production that explainer video companies specialize in can certainly help them in this respect.

Besides, explainer videos can help SaaS brands convey their value proposition to potential buyers effectively. SaaS companies also need to make sure they craft their videos well to promote their transportation solutions efficiently. In this post, we shall share tips in this regard, too. Before diving into our main topic, we want to talk about why SaaS companies should choose SaaS videos.

Why Should SaaS Companies Use SaaS Explainer Videos?

In the domain of software-as-a-service, you can find offers for software solutions over the cloud. Nonetheless, the competition among SaaS companies is tough, and the same holds for SaaS transportation software. By the same token, you have to make sure your software stands out from your competitors. This is where you can count on SaaS explainers as a game-changer for you.

You can effectively communicate the unique value of your software-as-a-service transportation solution with the aid of SaaS explainer videos. Moreover, the following are some good reasons why your SaaS brand should use an explainer:

1.   Easily Communicate about Your Complex SaaS Solution

You can easily explain your complex SaaS solution to the target audience with the aid of an explainer video. For this reason, you should use explainers to your advantage to bridge the gap between your product and potential users. Using metaphors, illustrative graphics, and simple language in SaaS video, you can effectively communicate about your complex SaaS transportation software. So, you should use a video explainer for the same purpose.

2.   Increased Conversion Rates

The ultimate goal of using explainers or SaaS videos for marketing is to drive conversions. Custom-made animated explainer videos also have a positive reputation for driving conversions, provided that they are made well.

Moreover, you can also invest in bespoke SaaS explainers to fascinatingly communicate about your transportation solution with your audience. If you do, it will help you drive conversions for your business with potential buyers taking the desired action.

3.   Enhanced SEO Performance

A SaaS explainer on your website can help you boost your SEO rankings. This is because Google prioritizes website content with multimedia. Embedding an explainer on your site can increase your SEO rankings with visitors spending more than average time on it. Besides increasing your SEO rankings, it can help you win more subscriptions for your SaaS transportation solution. Therefore, you have another good reason to craft a SaaS explainer video for your business.

How to Craft a SaaS Video for an Efficient SaaS Transportation Solution

You can come up with a brilliant SaaS video for your software-as-a-service transportation solution while adhering to some proven strategies. We have shared those strategies (tips) below to help you craft a first-rate SaaS video:

1.   Showcase Core Benefits of Your SaaS Solution Early

You should try to hook your audience to your SaaS video from the start. In this respect, you should showcase the core benefits of SaaS transportation software early. Using attention-grabbing visuals in the video will surely help. Also, keep your message short to convey it to the audience effectively.

2.   Use Real-World Scenarios

Try to bridge the gap between your product and its real-world applications in the video. You can accomplish that with ease if you portray relatable scenarios in the video depicting your audience’s problem. Most importantly, it will help your audience know how your SaaS transportation software is the solution they seek.

3.   Keep the Video Short Yet Engaging

Nowadays, the attention span of viewers is short, that is, 8 seconds. By the same token, it is important you keep your SaaS video short, around 60 to 120 seconds. Also, try to hook the reader from the start of your explainer. It will help you deliver your message to the audience effectively without losing viewers’ interest.

4.   Incorporate Social Proof

Incorporating social proof in the video can help your business win customers’ trust and build credibility. In this respect, you can incorporate customer testimonials and success stories in the video. It will encourage your prospective customers to try your SaaS solution once they find out it delivers on its promise.

5.   Optimize the Video for Mobile

The world we are in today is mobile-driven. By the same token, you should make sure your SaaS video is optimized for mobile. It will provide your users on mobile with a seamless mobile experience.

In fact, you should optimize your video for devices of different types and screen sizes. It will help you reach the masses with more prospective buyers watching your SaaS video.

6.   End the Video with a Strong CTA (Call to Action)

At the end of your video, you should guide viewers (potential buyers) on what they should do next. For this purpose, you will need to add a clear CTA at the end of your video explainer. A CTA may entail signing up for a free trial of SaaS transportation solution or visiting your website. So, you should add it accordingly.

In addition to following the aforementioned things for crafting a SaaS video, you should monitor its performance.  You can use analytics to track user engagement, conversion rates, etc. It will help you find out whether you need to refine your video or not. Accordingly, you can make improvements to your video if necessary.


Nowadays, many transportation companies rely on SaaS solutions. Moreover, SaaS brands need to promote their SaaS solutions effectively. This is where SaaS videos, such as SaaS explainers, can come to rescue them. A few reasons to use explainers to promote your SaaS software are that they increase conversions and enhance SEO performance. Using real-world scenarios, keeping videos short, and optimizing them for mobile are some proven strategies for creating brilliant SaaS explainers. Lastly, you should keep proven strategies in mind when creating SaaS transportation solution videos to ensure your videos stand out.

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