Make The Most Of Your Home Or Business Flooring

Anyone who has kids has had to deal with spills at one point or another. Hardwood floors, laminate or ceramic tiles are a breeze to clean up, but if you have carpets, it can be especially frustrating to get rid of them

Ever since log cabins and mercantiles were built in our area, homeowners and business operators have been in a quandary as to what kind of flooring would look the best and withstand the elements. In the early days, builders could choose locally made brick or tiles, pounded dirt, or wide plank wood floors made from abundant local trees. On the low end of the spectrum were the dirt floors. This was the poor man’s choice out of desperation. However, some of the homes and structures that were built over a century ago still have the original wood or floor tiles. The reason is simple – this flooring was built to last.
Most early homes were built with wood flooring. Then came the era where wall-to-wall carpet gave the appearance of wealth and status. Today’s customers have a plethora of flooring options. Now choices are made by personal preference, intended use, and of course, budget. Many home decorating programs on television show homes to be sold where the carpet is beyond repair. When they pull up the current carpet they discover beautifully preserved wood flooring. As a natural resource, with proper care wood floors can last hundreds of years. Actually, with the same care, tiles and terra cotta can last for years as well.
How can a home owner decide which type of flooring is best for her home? Without question, the right local flooring store is the best source for information. A flooring professional can assist with this important decision. There are uses to consider. Is there carpet in your current home? Are you replacing it to sell your home or to redecorate? What is the traffic pattern in your home? Do you have children who are hard on the floors? Do you have pets? What is your budget? You may have a flooring choice in mind, but is it in your best interests?

This same home owner will want to select a flooring retailer who installs as well as sells. In order to ensure that suggestions are not made out of self-serving reasons, the retailer should have a good selection of all flooring: hardwood, laminate, carpet, and tile. The professional may suggest tile as a way of keeping you home cooler in the summer months or carpet to keep it warmer in the cooler months. If you are looking to sell your home, this professional may suggest hardwoods to get the biggest bang for your buck on resale. However, if you have expressed budget constraints, carpet may be your best option.


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